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The current permission level is listed in the table under the "Perm." column (second column from file/folder name).  To change the permission level of a file or folder:


1.  Place a check (last column) next to the file(s) or folder(s) you want to change.

2.  Type in the numerical permission in the text box.

3.  Click the "Set Permission" button.


Some common permission levels are:




600  Makes a file inaccessible

644  Readable by everyone (e.g. HTML documents)

666  File can be read and modified (e.g. for HTML files modified by scripts)

755  File can be read and executed by everyone (e.g. for scripts)

777  Writable and executable by everyone (not recommended)




711  Files in directory can be read by everyone, but not directory contents

755  Files and contents of directory can be seen by everyone

777  Allows full read/write/delete access to a directory (not recommended)

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